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Less Stuff, More Experiences


Our family has been on a journey to simplify our life, to live with less and experience more. I talk about it more in depth on my Instagram account: Simply.Anthonys. To give you a brief overview, we downsized our home & got rid of a lot of things we deemed “excess”.  During this process we kept asking ourselves: How much is enough? We discovered that we can live very happily with less clothes, less shoes, less pots, less pans, less towels, less bags. Overall, A LOT LESS STUFF. The whole process has allowed us to make room for more experiences, more family time, more relationship building, more travel and more generosity. We haven’t figured it all out, but I think we are on to something.


In an effort to invest in memories, we opted to go on a cruise for the kids’ mid-winter break.  We’ve cruised before, in fact it’s one of our favorite ways to vacation.  Reasons being:

  1. In the middle of the ocean it doesn’t allow for easy access to cell towers, which means a week of the being UNPLUGGED!
  2. You have very little decision making to conduct.  All food and activities are already scheduled.  You just have to show up. This worked extra great for our group of 11.
  3. You get a one day taste of several tropical locations, a sampler platter of sorts. Consider it an educated inventory of places you’d like to visit again, perhaps for a longer period at some point.
  4. The unending supply of soft serve ice cream cones!


*All the images were taken with my iPhone 7+ & edited via phone with the PicTapGo App.

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