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    A little about me.....
    * Drew {my husband} first kissed me in 1991, we've been in love ever since.
    * I grew up in a large family, loved it & continued the trend.
    * Shopping is relaxing and therapeutic.
    * Bright colored stripes and the color orange thrill me.
    * I have a weakness for purses & bags of all shapes and sizes.
    * Pretty painted toenails make me happy, the crazier the color the better!
    * I love the tranquility of a clean house, but rarely get to experience that.
    * I successfully quit drinking pop 2 years ago. I never thought that was possible.
    * Photographing people is the best creative outlet I could ever ask for.

Jacob: Trinity Christian School Senior


Jacob is a senior at Trinity Christian. During soccer season it’s safe to assume Jacob can be found on the soccer field.  In fact, I believe that can be said in the off season as well. Jacob loves soccer.  However, often on Sunday afternoons he swaps the soccer ball out for a frisbee and meets up with friends to play frisbee-football.  He’s a self-proclaimed “avid frisbee player”.  When school is out for break, Jacob stays on the move.  He and his family often pack their ski gear and hit the slopes.   Jacob’s passionate about downhill skiing. The final fun fact Jacob shared with me is another love of his; he truly enjoys sailing. You may have noticed a trend. Jacob stays very active.


One little final note about Jacob: He’s as sweet on the inside as he is handsome on the outside. Case in point, my 11 year old daughter asked Jacob to the “prom pictures”.    She knew he had a date to the actual dance, but she hoped she could squeeze in a photo with him during pre-prom pictures.  Jacob was kind enough to oblige. It made her night.


Sarah: Northgate High School Senior


Sarah is a senior at Northgate High School. When I asked her to share a few things about herself she began with, “I love life!”  I’d add she loves people too. I’m quite certain she’s never met a stranger. She can easily chat it up with anyone she meets. She’s the type of girl you’d enjoy chatting with over coffee.  She’ll take hers black. And as you two sip your warm drinks, the topic of music will likely come up.  The girl LOVES music.  My guess is she probably turns up the tunes full blast in her adorable jeep that she spends most of her paycheck on.  I can see the temptation, her jeep is quite awesome. So, if you see this sweet girl around town in her jeep, windows down, music jamming, and coffee sipping give her a beep-beep and a wave! Don’t be surprised if you become friends in no time.


William: Northgate High School Senior


William is an incredibly talented baseball player. He’s the catcher for Northgate High.  A good chunk of his time is spent on the field.  However, when he gets a ball-free minute he enjoys time at the beach or the lake or any large body of water really.  Don’t expect him to sit still on the water. His intense activity level expands beyond the baseball field.  He loves to fish! In fact, he’d be just fine fishing everyday. Most likely when he heads out to fish he’ll grab a few extra poles so a friend… or 5 can join him.  He loves hanging with his friends. If his friends aren’t up for fishing, Will may try to interest them in a game of golf.  He’s been golfing since he was little and it’s still a passion of his today.  Most people would be exhausted with the schedule Will keeps, but he loves staying active.


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Toni: Senior Northgate High School


Toni loves the beach.  It’s her favorite place to soak up the sun. Fortunately she was able to squeeze in her senior pictures between trips to the sandy shores over summer break. Toni also loves spending time with her family and friends.  It’s no surprise that her time on the ocean includes family members and some of her besties.  When Toni isn’t basking in the salty waves she may be found shopping. It’s clear from her outfit selections for her senior pictures that the girl has awesome style and a real eye for fashion.  Knowing Toni and her love for family and friends, chances are if you see her out shopping, she won’t be alone.  She’ll be with her mom or a friend  searching for a unique accessory and potentially laughing… a lot.  Therefore, you shouldn’t be surprised if you hear her before you see her. She readily admits her laugh is often uncontrollable.



















Carson: Senior Landmark Christian

web Carson-49

Carson is a rising senior at Landmark Christian School. Her passions include performing on stage, but don’t limit her to just acting. Her skills spread beyond theatrics. Word has it she has some mad hula-hoop skills too! The girl can hola-hoop for a really long time. If she invites you to a hula-hoop competition, you’ve been warned, and you will probably lose.  Another competition to avoid if Carson is involved is “Best Hair.” Her hair is AMAZING. As in, when I get to heaven I will be putting in a request to God for “Carson hair”. In the 80s I tried to perm my locks to reflect Carson’s hair, it did not go so well. However, I do believe we may have a chance of winning hair and hula-hoop competitions against Carson if we can distract her with her favorite food, strawberries & whip cream. She says she loves that combination.  It’s worth a try, I think it’s our only hope!

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July 18, 2017 - 2:58 pm

Molly - These are absolutely gorgeous!!! You’re awesome!

July 19, 2017 - 7:09 pm

Judi gertz - Molly
I’m amazed at your gift! You had a beautiful model, and your photography is incredible!!!!❤️❤️